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Mrs Middleton's Oil

A recent diversification by Whizz (aka Mrs Middleton) and sister, Ellie, is the production of "Mrs Middleton's Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil".

The test batch was produced in December 2012 and received amazing feedback from chefs, deli-owners and foodies, in particular for its smooth texture, subtly nutty flavour and beautiful golden colour. It was described as "the double cream of oil" by one chef.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is a healthy alternative to olive oil. Most importantly, cold-pressed rapeseed oil only contains half the saturated fats of olive oil and, because it is gently pressed, the naturally occurring omegas 3,6 & 9 and anti-oxidants are retained. It is delicious in drizzles and dressings, or simply to dunk fresh bread into. It has a high smoke point (approximately 40 degrees higher than olive oil) so can be used to fry and roast without it burning or breaking down.

Bottles of oil are available to buy at local stockists and online.

For more information, including recipes, please visit our website, www.mrsmiddleton.co.uk or send an email.